BRIGHT IDEAS…my class at Studio Calico and why I hope you’ll join me this February :)



I’m so so very excited to share this little tidbit with you.  This February I’m teaching a class at Studio Calico, called Bright Ideas.  Here’s the official class description:

In a creative slump? Find your way out with these BRIGHT IDEAS! Nicole Samuels will be guiding you through 20 creative challenges designed to make you look at paper and glue in a whole new light. We’ve brought together an awesome group of contributors – Adrienne Alvis, Amy Tan, Gillian Nelson, Jen Jockisch, Laura Kurz,  Lexi Bridges, Lisa Truesdell, Paige Evans, Shannon Tidwell and Tina Aszmus – to help bring her challenges to life and give you even more ways to play with your supplies. Nicole and her contributors have a wide range of styles – from simple to detailed – and all have a way of looking outside the box when using their supplies. 

A new PDF will be posted each weekday in February – you can work at your own pace, or challenge yourself to tackle one each day! Each PDF will contain a challenge designed to stretch your creativity, a new layout from Nicole or one of her contributors, a sketch, and extra ideas and inspiration from Nicole. In addition, Nicole will be posting a video each Wednesday sharing more bright ideas pulled from her own layouts or layouts in the class gallery.  Students will also receive printables from Hello Forever and In A Creative Bubble and diecut files (.studio, .png and .svg) from Nicole and Kinsey Wilson. 

The concept for this class is partly based on my experiences teaching scrapbooking classes over the years at various LSS and big conventions.  In every class, no matter what the topic or level, there’s always someone who would tell me, “I never thought of that _______ (technique, or product usage, or whatever it was we were doing at that moment).”  And in the same way, while I would be teaching and walking around to see how everyone was doing, I’d see something a student had done on her page and think, “why haven’t I ever thought of that?!”  That’s one of my favorite parts of teaching… seeing the light bulb go off.  🙂  Seeing someone learn something new and then put their own unique twist on it so that I then learn something new.  So, I thought it’d great to compile those tips and pointers into one class.  The other really fun part of the class will be the daily challenges.  I’ve always enjoyed a good scrapbooking challenge – they push you creatively, make you use product you  might not otherwise, and sometimes make you put on your thinking cap a bit.  Plus, they can help you get out of a rut…which we all get into from time to time.  The cool thing about the challenges is that as we complete them and share how we did so in the  class gallery… we’ll be gleaning more bright ideas from each other.  Awesome. 🙂

Take a look at these lovely contributors…can’t wait to see their takes on the challenges!



Now, besides the 20 PDFs and the 4 videos…there’s also some AMAZING digital content – printables and cut files.  A million thank yous to Marcy Penner of Hello Forever, Geralyn Sy of In a Creative Bubble, and Kinsey Wilson for all their incredible talent in putting these together.  Love these!!!

These are from Geralyn:


And Marcy:

bright ideas printableslabelspreview

And some cut files from me:



Lots of fun stuff, right?  There may be more to come too…. 😉

I’ve also got a couple sneaks to share:



I can’t wait to get started in February!!!  Will you be joining me?  Registration is open now through the 31st of January! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “BRIGHT IDEAS…my class at Studio Calico and why I hope you’ll join me this February :)

  1. jennifer January 1, 2013 at 12:28 am Reply

    Love. Love. Thanks for bringing this class!

  2. Kate aka stinkydudette January 1, 2013 at 12:31 am Reply

    This was a no-brainer for me.. All signed up!

  3. j.leija January 1, 2013 at 6:10 pm Reply

    this sounds like so much fun! i think it’s the quickest i’ve ever signed up for a class. can’t wait for feb@

  4. The Blue Abbey January 1, 2013 at 10:55 pm Reply

    Very cool Nicole!! I’m in a slump for sure… kinda doing the same thing/style! The sneaks are fun! (joanne-spagirl@SC)

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