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Disney Scrapbooking with Project Life – Day 2

Back in April, I shared in this post about how I was going to approach getting our 2010 Disney Vacation scrapbooked using Project Life products and page protectors.  I was super excited about my title page and “first day” spread and was ready (after 3 years…eek!) to get this album DONE.  Well…then life got busy, the summer happened, there were more assignments and here it is NOVEMBER before I’ve had a chance to tackle my “day 2” Magic Kingdom spread.  sigh.  But it’s done and I had so much fun putting it together.

I’m starting off each day of our trip with two 12×12 divided page protectors and then using smaller insert page protectors in between to add more room for photos and memorabilia.  It makes it easier for me to work in chunks of “days” rather than just do a continuous series of pages.  Here’s the left hand page using a Design A page protector:firstpagecollage

I’ve used a random assortment of cards from my Studio Calico Project Life kits along with items from my stash and Disney embellishments I’ve collected here and there.  My goal is to add lots of little fun Disney touches without having it be mouse overkill. 🙂

This is what you’d see on the right hand side.  You can see I have two 8×10 page protectors (one horizontal and one vertical) stacked on top of each other. There’s also a Design F page protector under those (I cut off the last column of 3×4 slots) and finally the other bookend 12×12 page which is Design D.  I was able to crop down a park map to fill the back side of one 8×10 pocket and then slid the touring guide we followed that day into the other 8×10.  I think it’s fun to have those there to reference as you look at the photos.


Below, you can see the Design F page (trimmed down a little), the flip side of that and some details from that insert.


And finally, here’s that last 12×12 Design D along with some more close ups.  The top right photo has a stamped phrase right on the glossy photo thanks to this Platinum Planet Brilliance ink.  Love that stuff!



Here’s my basic supply list (beyond the Disney themed stuff):Studio Calico Project Life Kits, 8×10 Vertical Page Protectors,  8×10 Horizontal Page Protectors, Design F Page Protectors, Design D Page Protectors, Design A Page Protectors, Platinum Planet Brilliance Ink Pad

Up next… Epcot!  (Well, up sometime in the near future hopefully.)

Studio Calico Antiquary

It’s time to reveal the October kit at Studio Calico!  This one’s called Antiquary and it really is beautiful.  I worked with the main  Scrapbook Kit, the Project Life kit, and two add ons – Rome and Amsterdam.  I also snagged these PL cards from In A Creative Bubble. They are so cute!

Third Grade:  I gave my Silhouette a work out on this one, creating lots of banners to be descriptive for the photo and also part of the design.  The floral background paper inspired the stitched flower accents.

thirdgrade1 thirdgrade2


Wave Riders:  This one uses just the Rome add -on.  I love the beautiful colors in this add on!



Happy Thanksgiving:  I tried out some chalk art on this chalkboard patterned paper and it worked pretty well.  I made a stencil of the “happy” digital stamp brush and another stencil for “thanksgiving” with my Silhouette and then used regular old chalk to fill in the stencil.  To seal it a bit so it didn’t rub off, I traced over everything with a white colored pencil.  Not sure why that worked, but it did!  It doesn’t rub off now!  The wreath is also cut from a trace of a digital stamp brush, as are the pumpkins.

happytgiving1 happytgiving2


You & Me: Love the vellum die cuts and used several of them here.  And that big tag was great for embellishing and using as a focal point.

youandme1 youandme2


Relax: This is just a fun page of a snapshot from our vacation last summer.  I tried to sneak off to read in peace and these two sweet ones found me after just a few minutes.  🙂  But we had a nice time relaxing together then.  I created the title with some Faber-Castell Gelatos.  They act sort of like crayons when you write/draw with them and then when you add a little water they blend together in a really pretty way.  Then I cut the title out and assembled the rest of the page.

relax1 relax2


And that’s my gallery for October!  Have a great weekend!

Letterpress Class at Studio Calico!

Look what’s coming in September!!



Studio Calico’s next class will be all about letterpress!  You can read all about the class and find links to the class supplies here.  The tool is easy to use right out of the box (you DO need a manual die cutting machine to use it though! I used the Evolution…), and the results are beautiful!  I created a quick filler card for Project Life last night.



The silver ink is sort of sparkly and gorgeous in real life.  LOVE it!  You can see the “plate” behind it (it came with my machine, not sure if it will come in the ones at SC – just a disclaimer!) along with the brayer.  You do need to use the thick letterpress paper to get a nice impression.  The plate designs they’ve come up with are beautiful!! (You’ll probably recognize a few of our favorite stamp designs!)  And the whole look of letterpress is so elegant and classy…it really adds an extra special feel to your project.

Be sure to register by the end of August! Class will start on September 1st!  See you there!

Scrapbooking Disney Using Project Life

Back in 2010 we took our first family vacation to Disney World.  It was a fantastic week and we have so many great memories from the whole experience.  We also have LOTS of photos.  I’ve been pretty intimidated on how to tackle preserving those memories and photos in a scrapbook album… do I do a layout per day?  Per ride? Per photo?  Yikes!  So, the photos have been just sitting on my hard drive, the memorabilia stuffed in a box, and lots of cute Disney scrapbooking embellishments remain in their packaging.  Until a few weeks ago when I finally decided HOW I wanted to approach this album.  PROJECT LIFE.  I’ve been using the Project Life system of pocket scrapbooking for monthly memory keeping and decided it would be a perfect way to document our trip.  I can still use my cute Disney themed goodies, stress less about the design of the page, focus on the stories, and showcase lots of our photos.  Perfect!

I’ve only just started this project, so I have just my title page and first spread to share today. But if you are interested in following along in my progress, I’ll share each spread as I finish them.   My plan is to do a double page spread (Style A page protectors) for each day of our week there, with the freedom to add in smaller page protectors in between for more space when needed.  For my title page I enlarged a photo I had taken of Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom and divided it up to fill in the pockets.  The title is just typed on the photo at a low opacity.

title titledetail


Here’s my first day layout.  I used two style A page protectors, an enlarged 6×11 photo (I cropped down a 6×12 protector), and then a smaller insert that holds our tickets. wk1pg1 wk1pg1detail wk1pg2




I used the freebie character silhouette cards found here  from Project Mouse.  They have some great designs (digi/printables) if you’re interested in completing your Disney album in this style! Other supplies are from my SC PL kits and my stash. I also included a map of Downtown Disney with our favorite shops/restaurant highlighted with stickers.

Let me know if you have any questions!  Have a great weekend. 🙂

Using an iPad to Create Handwritten Cut Files

I think this may be my new addiction!  🙂 Even my 7 year old daughter is enjoying practicing her cursive handwriting with this app!

Monthly Project Life February 2013

A quick post today to share my February pages from Project Life.  I am so glad I’m making this work in a monthly fashion.  If the weekly thing is getting overwhelming for you…give the monthly idea a try!  You can keep it just the basic spread or add in smaller inserts if you have lots you want to include.  Love that!  Here’s my left side: (mostly Valentine’s Day stuff!)


And here’s the right side:  (I have a smaller page protector insert there that highlights our time at Lego Fest)


The back of that smaller insert:


And the pockets underneath that insert:


And that was February!  Have a great day!

January 2013 Monthly Project Life

I’m finally getting around to sharing my pages for the month of January.  I’ve been meaning to post but keep getting sidetracked.  🙂  Can you relate at all?  (And by the way, speaking of sidetracked… if you are still hoping to play along with my challenge in the post below…I’m keeping it open a little longer, so there’s still time!)  I’ve talked before about how I decided to attack Project Life on a monthly basis rather than a weekly one.  It really works so much better for me and I still feel like I’m documenting little things, moments, and life that wouldn’t necessarily end up on a scrapbooking layout but on a smaller, less daunting scale.  Here’s what I did for January:jan13

I like using the Design A page protectors as my base pages and then use other inserts that are smaller/shorter to add more space in between.  This month I chose to cut down a Design F (in half basically).  I love that I got more 3×4 spots to use this way!    Here’s the left side:jan13left


I cut “January” with my Silhouette (I think it’s the Contribute font).  The rest of the inserts are either from Geralyn’s In a Creative Bubble shop, the Studio Calico PL kits, Clementine kit from Becky Higgins or the free month printables from FindingNana (my January card printed small for some reason – I think I printed from “preview”  instead of Photoshop…that’s why it’s smaller than 3×4!) Here’s the right side with the insert over it.


And then the insert flipped over and you can see the back of it and the rest of the Design A beneath.


I like to have more photos than fillers, journaling or text on the photos, and then simple embellishments.  I’m still sort of finding my groove with it, but I love the first month!  Only 11 more to go!  🙂


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