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LEGO organization and storage…finally!

So, there are three boys in our family.  That means we have legos.  🙂 Lots and lots and lots of Legos.  My almost 10 year old twin boys have been avid Lego builders and collectors since they were 5 and have received Lego sets as gifts for just about every holiday/birthday/special occasion since.  Those tiny bricks are piling up!  For the past several years we’ve stored all the unused Legos in 2 under bed storage bins.  This worked really well because the bins are shallow enough that they can sort through them to find the piece they want but can also be slid out of sight when they aren’t being used.  However, the collection kept growing and the boys were  having to dig deeper and deeper to find the piece they wanted.  (which meant they were more likely to dump them out on the floor to find something!)  It was time for a change!  IMG_9242e

We decided to sort them by color.  This way if they are rebuilding a set from instructions (we keep all the instructions in a box together!), they only need to sort through a much smaller set of bricks to find what they need.  Plus it makes it easier to see the pieces they have if they are creating something from their imagination.  It was a very large task to sort them all…I won’t lie!  It actually took us a couple months…working on it in little chunks of time here and there.  And I wondered if it was worth it several times!  But now that it’s done, we love it!  The shelving units are from Target and the white bins are from the Dollar Tree.  I originally wanted to use the IKEA shelves with the little pull out bins I’ve seen used a lot on Pinterest.  But I like that they don’t have to pull these bins out to get what they want.  They are open enough that they can just reach in.  I may add some velcro to the bottoms though so they can’t be knocked out accidentally!  Each bins holds a different color.  Black and grey bricks needed a few bins of their own…there’s just so many of those!  Lego men and accessories are in one bin together and we have a “to be sorted” bin that holds random stuff we need to sort through.  (for those quick clean ups when we don’t take the time to color sort back into the right bins!)



So far it’s working out really well.  Our next plan is to add some wall shelves about the storage unit so they have more room to display their creations. Do you have any recommendations for wall shelves?  What’s your Lego organization system?

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